Blackwood Ranch was created and organized exclusively for charitable, literary and educational purposes under the Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. by Alicia Blackwood. Alicia shares love, passion, and special connections with animals that she dreams of sharing with others. Her mission it to touch as many lives through this organization as she can. Alicia is building a team of united friends and trained volunteers who share the same special quest to help change lives through the connection of the human/animal bond. We believe this is truly the beginning of something great. As we grow, Alicia and her team are bringing their own children along to learn and grow from this beautiful experience. Those served by our specially trained volunteers and pets include special-needs children and adults, adults in retirement facilities, hospital patients, school children, the general public and other organizations that request our volunteers and their pets. Promoting these animal assisted activities will also encourage responsible pet ownership, which benefits the welfare of animals and our community. Long live love. Long live caring. Long live giving. We can't wait to share this experience with you, the children at your school, a group in need of love, or a special soul needing a connection. 
Meet the Board of Directors

Please meet Alicia Blackwood creator, philanthropist, and president of Blackwood Ranch. A bond created between an animal and human is shown greatly through Alicia and these animals. She recognizes their healing powers and wants to be an advocate for this to happen with others. Alicia's heart runs purely for the love and happiness of others. She has evolved this destiny of therapy animals over the years and is now living the dream of it. As Blackwood Ranch evolves, Alicia will spear head the development and implementation of where these amazing animals will travel to next. Hopefully you will get the opportunity to meet Alicia soon and witness her connection with these animals as she brings them out to the community.

Please meet Christina Dominguez who is a board member & Alicia's direct assistant. Christina makes things go round here at the Blackwood ranch from technical work to the dirty work. Christina's special connection with animals stems from a young age where she has evolved into a specially trained volunteer here at the Blackwood Ranch. Her calm, knowledgeable demeanor relaxes anxious children, educates young adults, and helps create a bond with the elderly. Hopefully you will get to meet Christina soon at one of your visits with the animals.

Please meet Darcie Stratton a board member, friend and fellow animal lover. Darcie's connection with animals started from when she was a smile child where she grew up on a ranch. Over the years, Darcie was a teacher and coach of children of all ages. Her true connection is with children and she is excited to work with Alicia on this venture and create a bond with children and animals. By doing this, Darcie's love is to see the children's smiles, confidence build, and live's change. Darcie can't wait to be a part of your school or child's group/function/team where she will create enthusiasm, knowledge, respect, and joy over these animals.